LSO is an alliance or federation of village and women organizations (V/WOs) and other civil society organizations at valley or union council level, formed by dedicated volunteers, both men and women and run by a slim professional management. Fostered by the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP), the LSOs are non-profit organizations registered under the companies Ordinance 1984 in Pakistan, limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.

AKRSP, as a catalyst and facilitator, is helping these LSOs through a sustained social guidance method. So far, 58 LSOs have been fostered, of which 29 LSOs are in Gilgit, 15 in Baltistan and 14 in Chitral region. The 58 LSOs in GBC have a organizational membership of 3,596 V/WOs and CSOs with 134, 763 membership base.
The LSOs are encouraged to create viable links and partnerships with the Local Government bodies through participation in the planning and implementation of projects and programmes of the Union Councils, District Councils and the government line departments.

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